About Axianomics

Axianomics, LLC is a strategy and analysis firm helping community leaders with their public finance and economic development responsibilities. We help these leaders make confident choices that lead to more fiscally sustainable projects, communities and organizations. Local prosperity depends on what cities do and what the private sector does. When cities make the right regulatory, financial, operating and infrastructure choices, it helps households and businesses thrive. Private success then grows the tax base which supports the public services that attract and keep families and companies. We help communities align this public and private dynamic through analysis, strategy, policy and implementation.

We work with governments and corporations who are making a public finance or development choice in a local community and want to maximize the collective return to themselves and other community stakeholders.

Founded by Dr. Daniel Oney, former City of Dallas Research Manager and Senior Economist with the Virginia General Assembly, Axianomics, LLC brings over 25 years of applied budget, planning and economic development experience. Our process engages all of your stakeholders and integrates visioning, data analysis and communication. The results are strategy and tactics that sustainably achieve your goals in ways that honor your values and satisfy the broader vision of the community where you work.

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