Your work impacts the economic and fiscal health of the community. That means the process and outcomes are public, emotional and consequential. People’s livelihoods, property and sentiments are at stake. There are many variables that affect the success of your work:

  • Economic¬†trends
  • Demographic changes
  • Public opinions
  • Legal and regulatory constraints

We work in the same environment because it is the most exciting thing we can think of to do with our time. We built a toolkit to help you succeed.

Community and market analysis studies that give the economic, demographic and real estate context to your work. This helps you understand and address the opportunities and challenges of developing and promoting a site, a neighborhood or entire city. See our market analysis fact sheet for more information.

Economic and fiscal impact studies to measure the costs and benefits of economic development and other major policy decisions. This analysis connects government revenues, operational and capital costs to activity in the local economy. See our impact analysis fact sheet for more information.

Project consulting to support budgeting, infrastructure, planning and economic development. This work can include program evaluation and development, forecasting, visioning, strategy and community engagement. See our project consulting fact sheet for more information

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